Living with Confidence

At Aviva Valparaiso, our “Living with Confidence” program is inspired by insights from Harvard Health Publishing and top experts in geriatrics, dementia care, and senior housing. Through our assisted living and memory care options, we offer a holistic approach to senior living, ensuring each resident receives comprehensive and compassionate care. From medication management to daily living assistance, our services are designed to enhance the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of our residents.

Comprehensive Care Programs at Aviva Valparaiso | AVIVA Valparaiso

Assisted Living

Rates starting at: $2,595 per month

Our assisted living services at Aviva Valparaiso offer a perfect blend of support and independence. Our caring staff focuses on understanding each resident’s individual needs, providing personalized assistance that makes daily living both manageable and enjoyable. Residents benefit from a range of supportive services that help them maintain their independence while receiving the care they need.

Comprehensive Care Programs at Aviva Valparaiso | AVIVA Valparaiso
Comprehensive Care Programs at Aviva Valparaiso | AVIVA Valparaiso

Memory Care

Rates starting at: $5,495 per month

The Memory Care neighborhood at Aviva Valparaiso features our JOURNEY-based programming, tailored to meet residents at their stage in the aging process. Daily activities such as exercise, art therapy, religious services, gardening, and other outings and sensory stimulation are integrated to create an engaging and supportive environment. Our memory care apartments are designed to provide a nurturing space that supports the unique needs of residents with memory-related conditions. Our dedication to providing professional and thoughtful memory care has made us a leader in Alzheimer’s and dementia care.

Short-Term Stay

Daily rates starting at $170 per day

Our short-term respite care at Aviva Valparaiso offers a comfortable and supportive setting, ideal for those recovering from surgery or when a caregiver needs a break. This service ensures a seamless transition and high-quality care for short stays. Residents enjoy a relaxing atmosphere with access to medical personnel and personalized support while having access to all of the wonderful events in our historic community.

Comprehensive Care Programs at Aviva Valparaiso | AVIVA Valparaiso

Living with Confidence Program.

At Aviva Valparaiso, we prioritize comfort and security to create a serene and supportive environment. Our carefully designed spaces provide a haven for residents, especially those needing specialized memory care. Our memory care program offers a variety of enriching activities every day, including exercise sessions, art therapy, spiritual support, gardening, and outings, all aimed at enhancing the quality of life for those with dementia.

Comprehensive Care Programs at Aviva Valparaiso | AVIVA Valparaiso

Positive Attitude

The Healing Power of Joy

Emphasizing the importance of positive psychology, Aviva Senior Living cultivates an atmosphere where laughter and smiles are abundant. Our activities and programs are tailored to inspire optimism and happiness, fostering an environment that supports overall well-being.

Comprehensive Care Programs at Aviva Valparaiso | AVIVA Valparaiso

Sensory Design

Stimulating the Senses

Our communities are designed to engage all senses, from the calming scents of aromatherapy to the visual appeal of digital signage, the soothing sounds of music, and the delicious flavors of our menus. Aviva aims to invigorate resident vitality and engagement through a rich sensory experience.

Comprehensive Care Programs at Aviva Valparaiso | AVIVA Valparaiso


Innovating for Safety and Health

Integrating cutting-edge technology, Aviva enhances the safety and efficiency of healthcare delivery. From electronic life safety programs to digital health monitoring, our technological solutions promote a secure and efficient living environment for all residents.

Comprehensive Care Programs at Aviva Valparaiso | AVIVA Valparaiso

Brain-Healthy Nutrition

Nourishing Mind and Body

Following research that highlights the impact of diet on well-being and longevity, Aviva communities offer nutritionally balanced menus. Our meals are rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins, designed to support heart health and overall vitality.

Comprehensive Care Programs at Aviva Valparaiso | AVIVA Valparaiso


Enhancing Physical Vitality

Aviva encourages fun, movement-based activities to strengthen the body, enhance balance, and promote a dynamic lifestyle.

Comprehensive Care Programs at Aviva Valparaiso | AVIVA Valparaiso


Essential for Rejuvenation

Understanding the critical role of sleep in physical health, Aviva offers a lifestyle that fosters sound sleep habits. Exercise, social engagement, healthy dining, and a busy day prepare residents for a good night’s sleep.

Comprehensive Care Programs at Aviva Valparaiso | AVIVA Valparaiso

Wellness Monitoring & Medication Delivery

Streamlining Care

Through the use of Electronic Medication Administration Record (eMar) technology, Aviva modernizes medication management. This system, in collaboration with local pharmacies, ensures accurate and timely medication delivery, enhancing the safety and well-being of residents.

Comprehensive Care Programs at Aviva Valparaiso | AVIVA Valparaiso


The Essence of Health

Recognizing the increased risk of dehydration in seniors, Aviva Senior Living prioritizes proper hydration. With water served at every meal and hydration stations throughout the property, we keep our residents well-hydrated and healthy.

Real Thoughts From Real People

“I have my Mother-in-law here in Memory Care. I moved her here from another Senior Living Building to be closer to family and to be better cared for. She immediately improved, is nice and clean now, and gets more personalized care! If I didn’t think things would be better here, I never would have had her moved. The nurses and staff here are great and care about her.”


“Aviva is truly a great place to be. The building is beautiful, the food is good, employees are happy and accommodating. It’s located in a good area, near local restaurants and grocery stores, and is near to many other shopping places. Anyone considering assisted living should give Aviva a try!”


“I would not hesitate to suggest Aviva Valparaiso to anyone who needs assisted-living for themselves or a family member. I am employed there and I know the residents there like it because they know that they are being taken care of by people who care about them.”


Ready to make the move?

Thinking about transitioning to senior living? Aviva Valparaiso in Porter County provides a welcoming and homely atmosphere where residents can thrive. Serving nearby communities such as Valparaiso, Gary, Hammond, Michigan City, and Crown Point, we invite you to experience our exceptional care and compassionate services. Enjoy our prime location just an hour from Chicago, an award-winning downtown area, and access to numerous parks and botanical gardens. Contact us today to schedule a tour and see why Aviva Valparaiso could be the perfect new home for your loved one. We look forward to welcoming you and showing you all the wonderful amenities and services we offer.

Comprehensive Care Programs at Aviva Valparaiso | AVIVA Valparaiso

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